Benaki Museum – Peiraios Str.

The new Cultural Center of the Benaki Museum is located in Piraeus Street no 138 and presents major exhibitions from the pop art movement from all over the world. Dipnosofistirion Catering is responsible for the dining room of the building and the implementation of each relevant event since 2004. Furthermore, we organize corporate events (presentations for example) or events with cultural interest (live concerts for example), in the main space of the café – restaurant and the exceptional aesthetic and functional atrium.

Capacity: 200 (seated) – 350 standing in a buffet menu, for the restaurant, 600 (seated) – up to 2500 persons standing in a cocktail event, for the atrium

Also, there is an amphitheater that can host 380 persons, complemented by a spacious foyer.

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For more information and space availability, please call +30 210-6206155.

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