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    What a touching moment!

    The welcoming in religious faith, giving a name to the youngest member of your family is one in a lifetime experience! This is an exciting and sweet, but sacred and demanding event!

    The ceremony, and the following reception, should represent the family style, and this is the reason why it deserves the best. This event should exude happiness and be an amazing party for your beloved ones. Without anxiety, worries or concerns. For the start of the life of your little prince or princess, we offer our wide experience and guarantee that everything will be perfect. Dipnosofistirion Catering respects your budget and proposes ideas (for the venue, ceremony, gastronomy, invitations, baptism treats and more) according to your desires and needs.

    In addition, we offer you top gastronomy with the signature of our executive chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos.

    You can select the style and the menu, original meals with high-quality local ingredients and “travel” with your guests to the most fascinating and delicious areas in the world.

    catering services outside the church

    One of the trends is to treat the guests outside the church, before and after the ceremony. Dipnosophistrion, provided that the regulations of the respective temple allow it, can undertake to transform the forecourt or adjacent area into a “welcoming” scene with inspired refreshment bars with flavored waters, homemade lemonade & sour cherry juice and soft drinks and then to set up dream buffets with salty and sweet options, fine wine, cocktails & mocktails, offering your guests high quality services and flavors.