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    The detailed planning is the key of any business success, and this rule applies also to corporate events. Though, the organization of such an event needs experience and flexibility, since a group of requirements should be fulfilled for its success. Whether it concerns a ceremonial gathering, an invitation to the representatives of SMEs, a business conference or the launch of a new product, the market doesn’t accept mistakes or oversights. Everything should be perfect and chosen with attention to details, from the venue and the time, to the audiovisual equipment, while the company should promote its goals and add to its prestige. In the same time, the gastronomy in your corporate event should follow the international principles of nutritional values and cosmopolitan lifestyle. The executive chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos take care of your needs, using extra fine Greek ingredients as a vehicle for a delicious trip all over the world.

    We believe that the best, perhaps, the most efficient of several hours of meetings and working sessions is to create an event that promotes corporate interests in an optimistic way and a pleasant environment. In this context, we offer complete solutions and special cooking (breakfast, brunch, lunch, cocktail, dinner), always in favor of your corporate image!