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    This is your wedding and memorable weddings don’t happen by chance. They are organized! Abundant and delicious food, personal service, glamorous style and effortless elegance are only a few of the necessary elements. For our company, the wedding reception is considered an amazing opportunity to organize the most fascinating event of your life and make this important day truly unforgettable! Inevitably, gastronomy plays a focal part in this event and we have the pleasure to provide iconic dishes created by our top chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos. Using their magical touch, awesome ingredients, astonishing creativity and original products from individual Greek producers, we make tasty travels around the world, from Mesogeios and Middle East to Japan and Latin America.

    With your guidance, we will organize the wedding of your dreams and take care of every detail. Your style and personality will affect every aspect of the wedding party, from the menu and the decoration to the music and the flowers. Only tell us what you want. Is it a delirious party inside a full of green, cool garden with a delicious ribeye as the main dish? What about a party beside the sea, right after the wedding ceremony taken place in a small country church with plenty of the best Greek fish such as a red mullet fillet with Messinian greens? Or maybe a formal reception in the atrium of a museum with casual chic neoclassical cuisine? Or do you prefer a modern multi-purpose venue, a winery or even something completely different like a wedding dinner with a cinematic concept and movie references?

    Whatever your idea or personal style (rustic, island, casual chic, country chic, romantic, urban, casual, eclectic) is, or whatever kind of food you want to combine it (Greek Fusion cuisine, classic international, Italian, Asian, kosher) is, it is sure that this reception will remain memorable and will be discussed for many years!

    Also, since the entertainment does not stop when the reception is over, every bride has a free participation in one of the seminars of our School of Gastronomy!