Delta Restaurant - 2 Stars Michelin - 1 Green Star by Dipnosofistirion Catering at SNFCC and SNF

Delta Restaurant


Delta Restauranta fine-dining restaurant at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), featuring contemporary Greek cuisine, has been awarded with Two Stars MICHELIN Guide Athens 2022 and One Green Star MICHELIN Guide Athens 2022.

Delta is the uppercase 4th letter of the Greek alphabet.
A triangle with three sides in perfect harmony.
Just like Delta restaurant.

A project shaped by three principles:


Delta is the first Greek restaurant awarded Two Stars MICHELIN and One Green Star MICHELIN after its initial evaluation; an extraordinary accomplishment that places Delta in the 3% of a worldwide restaurant elite.

Green Star is equally important, as it promotes restaurants which stand at the forefront when it comes to sustainable gastronomy and helps the end-consumer to identify a differentiating dining experience which combines culinary excellence and strong sustainable commitments. We support the zero waste movement, making sure to utilize every ingredient through and through, in every stage of our menu, from starters to desserts.

These accomplishments come as a reward for the effort that our chefs, George Papazacharias and Thanos Feskos put to change the Greek culinary status quo, the unique wine selections of Aris Sklavenitis, which enhance taste and aftertaste, the welcoming smile and perfect professionalism of our restaurant Manager, Jana Cechova, the persistence of “Dipnosofistirion” led by Dimitris Christofileas, Takis Christofileas, Diomidis Kapsalis and Dimitris Skarmoutsos to pursue innovation and the vision of Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) for the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), to become a landmark, a public space open to anyone and a model of environmental sustainability in terms of design, operation and footprint in the wider ecosystem.

Delta was created through an initiative and a grant by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) with the aim of becoming a model culinary destination worthy of the high standards of the SNFCC, highlighting at the same time Greek cuisine to the whole world.


The Restaurant

A mysterious Haute Cuisine that gradually unfolds through an Omnivore menu, full of gastronomic twists. A unique experience that leads guests to a gastronomic trail, full of surprises and emotions.

The menu consists of 12 courses, created by the charismatic George Papazacharias and curated by the talented Thanos Feskos and his team. 12 stages, each one enjoyed as a creative, philosophical and gastronomic experience. Intensely and boldly.

The Wine Cellar

An extraordinary journey to international varieties, with hundreds of labels covering the entire wine universe spectrum — old and new — and of wine making all around the world. An exciting exploration of the Greek vineyard, a comprehensive contact with the originally indigenous varieties. Iconic wineries, legendary terroirs, rare varieties, exclusive imports, ageing cellars and two wine rooms for a private mystic experience. Aris Sklavenitis and Tilemachos Papandreas, both award-winning and top of their class sommeliers, have curated an integrated wine list that elevates the gastronomic pairing to the highest point of delight.

The Bar

Greek and international labels of small and large wineries compose the diverse and full of surprises wine list of Delta. Guests can choose on their own or let our experienced sommeliers guide them through the magic of the Green and International vineyard.

The Farm

Sustainability and respect towards our ecosystem is part of our philosophy and a new suggestion for better understanding our relationship with the land, the animals and the sea.

We serve fine dining focusing on gastronomic ethics, cutting a dash in the most substantial way.

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