Goulandris Museum of Natural History

We have the exclusive right to organize events in the internal and external spaces of the legendary museum in Kifissia, which have established a new approach of communication between people and natural environment. The available spaces for events are the following:

«Atrium» – GAIA Center


Consisting of 350 sqm, the internal room features a a hemispherical dome – monitor of 5 meters of diameter and of 40 sqm of surface: this is the renowned «Geosphere», which is unique in the world, presenting «in a live way» the geological evolution of the planet, and serves as a dreamy background for every event. This room is especially ideal for wedding receptions.
Entrance from Othonos street, number 100.

Capacity: 400 (seated) – 500 (standing – buffet)

Ammonites Room


The lounge of the GAIA Center (entrance from Othonos street, number 100) is characterized by minimal – in neutral tones – decoration and its spiral shape representing the fossil of the sea animal of the same name, extremely widespread in the earth several million years ago, which prevails in the space. In this room, you can host discreet dinners or children’s parties combining fun with constructive activities.

Capacity: 80 (seated) – 100 (standing – cocktail)

Geology Hall


Next to the garden and inside the internal space of the Museum Café – Restaurant (entrance from Levidou street, number 13) is located the Geology Hall, an atmospheric space presenting the geological evolution of the planet. This hall can host special lunches and dinners for really distinguishable people.

Capacity: 70 (seated) – 100 (standing)

Moreover, in the GAIA Center of the Goulandris Museum of Natural History there is an amphitheater with the capacity of 250 seats, complemented by a spacious foyer, forming together an ideal venue for any kind of conferences. Last but not least, exquisite events can be hosted also in the amazing garden of the museum, which is part of the Museum Café – Restaurant area (entrance from Levidou, number 13). The capacity of the garden is approximately 400 people in a cocktail menu (standing).

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