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Hill15 - μόνο για μέλη

The strategic partnership between Ecali Club and Dipnosofistirion is a synergy with a long-term horizon and a common development plan, with a sense of dedication and mutual trust. The main objective of the new partnership is to further improve the gastronomic experience provided to Ecali Club Members.

The fully renovated Hill 15 restaurant, with its simple and simple lines, exudes the nobility and uniqueness of sweet life, while the mild palette chosen for the space gives a sense of warmth and tranquility. The large openings to the outdoor area, let the gaze travel to the pool and the surrounding garden, while letting the light warm every corner. The space is decorated with works of art of unique aesthetics.

The premises of Ecali Club can host unique events (social & corporate), signed by Ecali Catering by the Ecali Club.

15, Lofou str., The Ecali Club, Ecali
t: +30 211 234 7378 | email