vegan menu αποκλειστική συνεργασία με Holy Llama

Vegan menu through an exclusive partnership with holy llama

Dipnosofistirion has been a pioneer for 25 years and its course so far has proven in practice its commitment to providing high quality dietary choices that respect both the environment and the health of its customers.

For Holy Llama, the process of producing a dish is sacred, the raw materials are of high quality, the breads and ointments are organic and do not use ready-made yeasts or mixtures. Everything is made from scratch, with love and respect for the consumer, animals and the environment.

The collaboration with Holy Llama, which initially started as a creative bakery with an excellent reputation in the field of boulangerie, marks a new chapter in the world of plant gastronomy by developing its activity in the field of catering. Croissants, puff pastries, delicious fillings, traditional and modern recipes.

Through this partnership, Dipnosofistirion is now able to provide even more refined food options for formal receptions of social or professional character, for a few or many people, street food for children’s parties, a themed menu for baptism… Every customer now has the opportunity to enjoy plant-based gastronomy wherever they wish with personalized vegan menus.

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