«Senta», the new restaurant of “Dipnosofistirion” is a direct notion to the japanese gastronomic culture and architecture. The name, which means “center” was carefully chosen since it reveals its positioning in the city. In the Spiros Milios gallery, all fans of japanese cuisine will find themselves in a space that will transport them to Japan.

Zen, simple and minimalistic architectural lines, with the wood holding the leading role, shape the indoors and outdoors space, creating a perfect ambience for tasting the menu.

Senta’s dishes and personnel are direct references to Japan: the clothes are a modern interpretation of traditional japanese costumes, with simple and straight line. Nikos Politakos, a master in japanese cuisine along with his talented team are promising to make even the sceptics to try their dishes and simply love them: signature rolls, hosomaki, nigiri, sake tataki, ebi tempura, gyu katsu sand and traditional shiromi oshizushi are just a handful of them.

Spirou Miliou Gallery, CityLink Athens
t: +30 21 0331 8203 | email

Working hours :
Monday – Saturday: 19:30 – 02:00

Sunday: CLOSED