Special events

There are moments – milestones in life where you see yourself completing goals, business or personal, asking for a celebration with the company of a great meal and your beloved ones. Either your graduation, your retirement, your demobilization, your child’s adulthood, an important anniversary or your bachelor party, these events require privacy (private events) or are addressed to few and selected people (special events)! This type of event should reflect your refined style and cosmopolitan point of view, while breathing uniqueness and luxury.

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    For these special events, you can trust our professionalism, experience and discretion. From the selection of the space (in your home, in a garden or an atmospheric banquet hall) to the food (seated or buffet, BBQ or finger food) and the drinks (topnotch varieties of wines and rare labels of spirits), we are here to differentiate and add the necessary sparkle to this important moment of your life.

    From a rustic dinner in the countryside with a fine calf and wild mushrooms to a lunch near seaside with an Aegean white grouper as the main plate, our qualified chef Dimitris Skarmoutsos  create dishes with a certificate of origin (such as Pea Puree from Schoinoussa accompanied by shrimps and scents from Taygetus), showing the same interest in the Mediterranean, French or Japanese cuisines.