Ethnikos Event Hall

Preferential position, between Panathinaic Stadium and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. Irresistible view as far as the eye can see, from the Acropolis to the Arditos hill. Inside a green environment, opposite of the Zappeion Megaron, few minutes away of the Syntagma Square and just few steps away from the St. Photini Church in Ilissos, where the mystery can take place. So close to the noisy town, and so far away at the same time. Inside the facilities of the National Gymnastc Association (6, Vasilissis Olgas Avenue), we can organize any kind of event. The place will make you feel that you are on the countryside, and there is no time restriction, so the party can last until the dawn.

Capacity: Up to 1000 persons on the grass
Up to 150 in the internal space

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